Tuesday, November 7, 2006

How to Fight a Stupid Jewish Bitch - Part 2

She wrote:
How do you know what G-d is?
Who taught you what G-d is?
What religion are you?
Where do you live?
I wrote:
How dare you ask me such things, you condescending, self-righteous flea.
I was educated in both the old and new testaments and know that you are a Pharisee.
You are a vicious defender of the jot and tittle, but know nothing of God's love. I will fight with you blow by blow. I am not intimidated by your hatred. It excites me. It boils my blood. I am full of energy to give back to you what you offer the world - hatred, discrimination, and religious terrorism.
Shut your vile mouth and go live in Gehenna where you belong.
She wrote:
What brand of Xianity are you
I wrote:
I'm finished with you. I wipe you from the bottom of
my feet. You are rotten and dead. You will only find
comfort in your hateful self-interest.
Then wrote:
Well, Leah, I guess I'm not quite done with you yet.
I want you to know that I have shared your e-mails with thousands of people across the world and have gotten lots of support. Everyone thinks you are an evil hatemonger - including many, many Jews who are ashamed of you and proud of me for fighting with you. You are like an ignorant bully on a playground that needs to be punched in the face to be shut up.
And finally, follow the link to read about the Nazi persecution of homosexuals.
YOU ARE A NAZI JEW and you should die with the shame of your people on your soul.
And she wrote:
The fact remains that the G-d of Israel destroyed sodomites and will do it again
In Israel the Russian Jews, the Ethiopian Jews, the Sfardi Jews, the haredi Jews and the national religious Jews are against homosexuality. So are the arabs and the Xians
It is an abomination
Most western people are as well
You are a lunatic fringe in society
There is no such thing as a gay gene. Gays do not have children so how can the gene be passed down Continue to try and justify your position for as long as you like
If you do not see the truth now you will see it when you meet your Maker when you are deceased
There are organisations for gays who want to go straight for those who do not want to go straight, - gay gezunterheid
The gay parade was banned in the Vatican and in many cities in the world
You are not an Israeli and just as I would not have the right to come to the USA and protest and make a provocate stand against the values of the USA so you have no right to come and do so here
Our Prime Minister Olmert said so last night that the gay parade is provactive and the haredim have the right to protest and so did the Mayor of Jerusalem and so say the majority of people in Israel, Jews, Arabs and Xians
Leah Amdur
My final thoughts:
Isn't that sweet. Maybe, the arabs, christians and jews will finally come together over their mutual hatred for the gays. Hey, we must be good for something, right Leah? It used to be, blame all the world's problems on the jews, right? It seems that today the blood cry is, blame it on the gays. So we must be more alike than you think.
By the way, since many of my tax dollars go to your country, I think I do have a right to comment on your stupid ideas - like comparing gays to pedophiles (don't deny it - your words are explicit).
So just remember when things are looking bleak and depressing, and the arab terrorists are blowing themselves up in your house... it's all the fault of the gays.
You're a good little Nazi, Leah. Your G-D must be very proud of you.

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