Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How to Fight a Stupid Jewish Bitch

The Jewish religious extremists are a hair away from becoming evil terrorists. They continue to spew hatred and threaten violence against gays. THIS ARTICLE ticked me off, and the "talkback" section infuriated me. One stupid bitch wrote the following and published her e-mail address for all to see.
16. The gay parade The worst kind of sodomy is pedophilia and as long as the pedophiles are at large in Israel we are not doing what Hashem wants. Now that we have mobilized against the parade the next step is to stamp out the pedophiles. Extradite those from foreign lands and jail our own.
leah amdur , Jerusalem Israel

so I wrote her...

Your ignorance is only surpassed by your hate.

You are the same as the arab terrorists.

And lest you missed the message, you stupid donkey, pedophilia has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. Statistically, more HETEROsexuals are pedophiles, you dumb monkey. You should keep quiet in the synagogue. Better yet, your tongue should be cut out and you should be forced to serve tea to a cruel arab sheik for the rest of your life.

May you receive the compassion you mete out in equal measure.


New York, NY
She wrote:
Are you a Jew, it does not sound like it
I never said that pedophiles were only homosexuals. There are straight men who are also pedophiles. What I am saying is that the G-d of Israel does not tollerate homosexuality or any immorality.
So no gay parade and no pedophilia
The fact that the nazis were against homosexuality does [not] make homosexuality right. The nazis were against anyone who was not a nazi.
You have faulty reasoning.
Are you a pedophile are you a gay?
And I wrote:
No, Leah, my reasoning is not faulty. You see, it's called irony.
Isn't it ironic that you share the same prejudiced opinions as did the Nazis.
You are so offensive and unkind. No I am not a pedophile, and very pleased to say, not a heterosexual.
Are you a donkey? Are you an ugly whore? Are you a pedophile?
Like I said before, I hope you will be shown the same consideration and respect that you show others, which seems very measly and ugly.
By the way, God does not have a physical address on planet earth. He is an ethereal phantasm appearing only to the heart.
News Flash Leah: God does not live in Jerusalem.
You are as hateful, crazy and fanatical as the arab terrorists.
Do humankind a favor and keep your ugly, measly mouth shut.
What an ugly, stupid and cruel human being you are.
Dumb bitch.

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