Thursday, November 9, 2006

More from Leah, the Israeli Bitch

P to the mutha-fuckin' S: this is for you Aaron.

She wrote:

The Jews Arabs and Xians have finally united in their support for the values of our Torah and their Koran. It has nothing to do with gays. They are protecting the sanctity of Jerusalem

The are upholding the laws of the G-d of Avraham and Israel in the land of the G-d of Israel

If another group of straights tries to defile the sanctity of Israel they will be met with the same resistence

Keep your tax dollars we do not need them

You are more likely than me to be blown up by an arab terrorist than me

America is in for a nuking and you will see what G-d does because of this parade

Amalek's time is up

You gays twist everything.

You are all fakes

Leah Amdur
I wrote:

With what arrogance and pride you so easily sling hateful venom. You are a poisoned human lacking the most basic principles of God's love. The almighty does not need your help to defend his place of power. And I'm certain he does not need your opinion on who deserves to be "nuked" or not. As for tax dollars, oh-holier-than-everyone-Leah, you must take that up with your government which begs for and accepts it from the US. Believe me, my desire to not give it to you is much greater than your desire to not want it.

As for the immediate threat of Arab terrorists blowing themselves up, you are obviously delusional. The occurence in Israel is constant. Here, it is non-existent. I'll let all my dear Jewish friends here in America know that the almighty Leah, defender of the holiest of holies, is awaiting their "nuking." What a shining example of an enlightened spiritual human being you are, oh great Leah! With what power you profess the love of God! As I recall, one of the great commandments from God to the people of Israel is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Oooh. If that's true, you should be very frightened. Things do not look good for you, you hateful serpent. Also, I'll be sure to pass along your e-mail about America's upcoming "nuking" to my government. I'm certain they'd be interested in finding out what you seem to know.

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